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Terms and Conditions

The Show committee reserves the right to make final decisions as to whom and what products may exhibit at the show. Committee also reserves the right to assign all exhibitor locations and exhibitors are required to exhibit during the show hours.

It is agreed that the exhibitor shall make no claim of any kind against the Festival and shall indemnify and hold harmless the City of Wagoner, Wagoner Economic Development Authority, all Sponsors, Board Members, officers, employees, committee members of any such organization, authorized subsidiaries, authorized sub-contractors. Under no circumstances will these organizations be responsible for loss, damage, destruction theft of any merchandise, displays, or goods of the exhibitors or injury to exhibitor or employee while attending the show. Also it is expressly understood there can be no claim for damage of any kind to the exhibitors business due to any circumstance that developed from the show.


All property of the exhibitor remains under the custody and control of the exhibitor, subject to the rules and regulations of the show. Exhibitors should not leave merchandise unattended during show hours and especially during move-in and move-out times. It is suggested that you contact your insurance agent regarding your coverage. Management is not responsible for loss. All display units and supplies must be provided by the exhibitor, including tents, tables, display shelves and must be appropriate for an outdoor show. If your display is over 8' tall you must designate on your application (committee will review before approval.)


Each exhibitor must know and comply with all laws, ordinances and regulations pertaining to health, fire, and public safety while participating in the show. Your area must remain neat and clean during the show. At the close of the show each day put your trash in the proper receptacle.

Music is copyrighted and subject to license by ASCAP, BMI, SESAC and Exhibitor is responsible for any fees that apply. The use of projectors, DVD players are allowed as long as volume is controlled. Use of microphones, amplification is not allowed without prior permission of the Festival Committee.

The Exhibitor is liable and responsible for all necessary permits, license, and taxes necessary to participate in the show.


Upon acceptance, payment is due by July 5th.


No Refunds

For vendor questions or more information contact:

Dell Davis


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